TN 8 (11-93)

RS 01401.260 Military Service Payments After 1956


Before 1957, remuneration for military service was not covered by Social Security. However, a veteran may receive wage credits for each month of active service during the World War II and post World War II periods (see RS 01701.001).


Basic pay for active duty or active duty for training is wages beginning 1957. Inactive duty for training (including weekend drills) is wages beginning 1988. Basic pay does not include the value of goods, housing allowances, clothing, special pay subject to hostile fire or hazardous duty incentive pay (e.g., explosives, parachute jumping).

REFERENCE: Military Pay Coverage and Deemed Military Wages (DMW), RS 01701.001.


The Department of Defense determined that in cases where a presumptive finding of death is made (e.g., missing-in-action), amounts paid through the year in which the servicemember first became missing are wages. Any amounts paid after such year are not wages.

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