TN 3 (02-07)

RS 01405.047 Multiple Employee Reporting Error

A. Introduction

When more than one employee's wages have been unreported or incorrectly reported, follow the procedures in this section.

B. Procedure

Take the following action when it is apparent that more than one employee’s wages were not reported or incorrectly reported.

1. SSA Aware of the Reporting Problem

Check the National Wage Reporting Problem System (WRPS) to determine if SSA is aware of the reporting problem. The national WRPS site can be accessed at

2. SSA Not Aware of the Reporting Problem

If, after checking the WRPS, the employer is not listed as a problem employer and it is apparent that a reporting problem exists, follow the guidelines in the WRPS for case referrals.

3. Individual Initiating Investigation

Process the individual’s request for correction in a claim situation. For preclaim situations, if it is apparent that the employer report is pending explain this to the individual. If the individual requests, process the request for correction. (RS 01404.160)

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