TN 11 (01-15)

RS 01701.002 How to Credit Deemed Military Wages (DMW)

A. Crediting DMWs for 1957 through 1967

We could not identify military wage postings as such for 1957 through 1967; therefore, credit DMWs for this period upon the filing of an application. If the claimant meets all requirements for DMWs, credit the Disability, Railroad, Alien Deportation and Military Service (DRAMS) file with $300 per calendar quarter for each quarter in which the claimant received basic pay for active duty service or active duty for training. For information on the requirements for DMWs, see RS 01701.001C and RS 01404.230. For information on DRAMS, see MSOM QUERIES 005.003.

Credit DMWs for the quarter in which the service department reported covered military wages. Reported wages usually reflected the period in which the claimant performed active service, with the possible exceptions of the beginning quarter and when the service department paid additional earnings after separation.

If there is evidence of active service in a quarter but there are no military wages posted for that quarter, determine whether military wages are missing and develop per RS 01404.225. If evidence shows that the claimant had active service in the missing quarter, credit DMWs for that quarter. If development establishes no missing wages, credit DMWs to the quarter reported, even if disadvantageous to the claimant.

NOTE: The service departments reported wages biannually with quarterly breakdowns. In limited situations, the service departments did not provide quarterly breakdowns.

B. Crediting DMWs for 1968 through 1977

For 1968 through 1977, we automatically added DMWs to the Master Earnings File (MEF) based on reports of military wages. When military wages are missing or incorrect, request feedback per MSOM EM 016.003. For instructions on establishing military wages based on proof of military service, see RS 01404.225. For more information on the feedback process, see MSOM EM 016.001.

NOTE: We granted an additional quarter of military service for the 12/70 quarter regardless of the actual posting to the MEF for any number holder who had military service in the 06/70 quarter. For more information on the granting of this additional quarter of military service, see MSOM MCSEC 001.036I.

C. Crediting DMWs for 1978 through 2001

For 1978 through 2001, we automatically added DMWs to the MEF based on reports of military wages. When the claimant meets all requirements for DMWs and they are missing or incorrect on the MEF, credit the MEF with $100 for each $300 of basic pay the claimant received annually, up to a maximum annual amount of $1,200.

Use the sum of all earnings and DMWs to compute QCs; do not treat the amounts separately. Allocate quarters of coverage (QCs) gained by crediting DMWs to any quarter of the year; without regard to actual dates of service and to the advantage of the claimant. See RS 00301.230 through RS 00301.250 for a discussion of computing QCs for years after 1977.

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