TN 16 (11-92)

RS 01702.370 Notices of In-Service Deaths Received From Service Departments

A. Introduction

All of the uniformed service departments send notice (DD Form 1300, Report of Casualty) to SSA of the death of a veteran while on active duty or active duty for training.

All DD Form 1300s should be faxed to the Mid-Atlantic Program Service Center (MATPSC) at 215-597-5200 or 215-597-0857. On the cover sheet, indicate “Military Casualty/Wounded Warrior (MC/WW)”. This includes any casualties of any Military service member, regardless of where the death occurred.

An official DD Form 1300 bears the facsimile signature of an official of the issuing agency and, as such, is considered properly authorized. The DD Form 1300 includes items needed for our purposes.

B. Policy

1. DD Form 1300 (Report of Casualty)

This DD Form 1300 serves as:

  • a claims lead;

  • proof of death;

  • proof of MS for the periods shown; and

  • evidence of service prior to the last entry on duty. (When such prior service is pertinent, obtain proof in the usual manner.)

2. DD Form 13 (Statement of Service)

The service departments may attach the DD Form 13 to the DD Form 1300 (the Air Force may substitute its own form AF-1613). It includes data about all prior service, as well as information about military retired pay. It is acceptable as:

  • proof of service;

  • character of discharge; and

  • certification of retired or retainer pay from the Air Force - in lieu of form SSA-654-U4, Part B.

(See RS 01702.120 for a description of forms DD-13 and AF-1613.)

3. Receipt of DD Form 1300 - MIA Status

DD Form 1300 showing MIA is considered a written intent to claim benefits on behalf of the service person and all other persons eligible on the E/R. See GN 00204.012 for development of MIA cases.

C. Procedure

The Philadelphia Workload Support Unit (WSU) has established a special toll – free 800 number (1-800-772-1213) for survivors to call to file claims by telephone. (For details see GN 00207.055.)

1. FO Action Upon Receipt of DD Form 1300 - Notice of Death

Take the following action upon receipt of DD Form 1300:

  1. Prior claim filed

    Associate the DD 1300 with the claims folder.

  2. No prior claim filed

    • If the veteran is insured, develop a claim in the usual manner; or

    • If the veteran is not insured, develop to determine if there are any survivors who would be eligible for monthly benefits if the veteran were insured.

2. FO action, veteran not insured, but an otherwise eligible survivor exists

  1. If the DD 1300 shows the veteran died in service after 12/56, follow RS 01702.540 - RS 01702.584 for the special VA payment in non-insured cases under Section 412, Title 38, U.S.C.

  2. If the DD 1300 shows the veteran died while on:

    • active duty; or

    • active duty for training; or

    • inactive duty for training,

      assume the VA has made or will make a determination of service-connected death. When a notice of in-service death is in the file, develop the claim for special VA payment. The reviewing office will prepare an award and forward it to the VA, without waiting for the VA Form 21-4180. (See RS 01702.418B.)

3. FO action, veteran not insured, no eligible survivors

If there are no eligible survivors, follow SM 00345 to dispose of the material. No notice will be sent to the VA unless a VA Form 21-4180 is received.

4. PC receives DD Form 1300, Notice of Death, Prior Claim Filed

When the PC receives a DD Form 1300, examine the claims folder to see if the deceased had insured status.

  • If the veteran is insured and benefits are being paid, or could be paid for the type of survivor benefit claimed, file the DD Form 1300 in the claims folder. Do not send a notice to the VA.

  • If the veteran is not insured and special VA non-insured payment may be payable, prepare an award for the eligible survivors (see RS 01702.553).

5. PC receives current claim, special VA payment involved

  1. If a claim has been developed by the FO, review the award prepared by the FO for the VA procedure.

  2. If approved, send the original award, with attachments, to:

    • Director (21)
      Department of Veterans Affairs
      941 N. Capitol Street, NE
      Washington, DC 20421
      10 U.S.C. 1447

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