TN 13 (08-10)

RS 01804.200 Form SSA-7156 (Farm Self-Employment Questionnaire)

A. Introduction

The Form SSA-7156:

  • Provides a general description of the farming operation to use when determining the reasonableness of the reported NESE.

  • Serves as an aid in determining whether the income derived is covered SEI.

B. When to use

The SSA-7156 is used when:

  • SEI (posted or unposted) for one or more years in the period open to correction is needed for insured status.

  • The nature of the farming operation or the identity of the farm operator requires clarification to determine the coverage status of the earnings.

C. Procedure

If the SSA-7156 is not needed, develop as follows:

  • Discuss the farming arrangement with the claimant.

  • Refer to RS 01803.740 for development of material participation.

  • If the interviewer determines that no rental income is involved, and material participation is not an issue, take no further action.

  • Do not document the claims folder.

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