RS 02001.545 Certificates of Coverage - U.S. French Agreement

A. Policy Principle

A worker who is exempt from U.S. or French social security coverage as a result of the agreement must obtain a certificate of coverage from the country where he or she will be covered in order to document the exemption. A certificate of coverage issued by one country serves as proof that the worker named on the certificate is:

  • subject to the laws of the country issuing the certificate and

  • exempt from social security coverage and contributions in the other country.

B. Operating Policy

Certificates of United States coverage are issued by SSA's Office of International Policy.

Certificates of French coverage are issued by the primary agency which covers the worker for sickness insurance. There are many such agencies in France.

For more information on how to obtain a foreign certificate, contact:

Ministère de la santè et des solidaritès
Direction de la Sécurite Socialé
8, avenue du Ségur
75350 Paris 07 SP

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