TN 10 (11-91)

RS 02001.690 Certificates of Coverage - U.S. Austrian Agreement

A. Policy - General

A worker who is exempt from U.S. or Austrian social security coverage under the agreement must obtain a certificate of coverage from the country where he or she will be covered in order to document the exemption. A certificate of coverage issued by one country serves as proof that the worker named on the certificate is:

  • subject to the laws of the country issuing the certificate and

  • exempt from social security coverage and contributions on the same earnings in the other country.

B. Policy - Issuing Agency

1. United States Coverage

SSA's Office of International Programs (OIP)
P.O. Box 17741
Baltimore, Maryland 21235-7741

issues the certificates of U.S. coverage.

2. Austrian Coverage

Federal Ministry for Social and Consumer Protection
Department 11/A/4
Stubenring 1
A-1010 Vienna

issues the certificates of Austrian coverage.

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