TN 46 (11-23)

RS 02501.070 Options for Choosing the Year Non-Service Months (NSMs) Apply

A. Policy for choosing the year NSMs apply

1. Individual entitled

  1. a. 

    An individual can change their grace year by:

    • Changing the month of entitlement (MOET) after adjudication described in GN 00204.047; or

    • Withdrawing the application and refiling.

  2. b. 

    If the beneficiary withdraws an application, eliminate NSM because entitlement does not exist. If the beneficiary files again, NSMs apply in the year of refiling, or later.

2. Individual has not filed

a. Delay filing

An individual may delay filing for retirement insurance benefits (RIB) until the year they wish to use the monthly earnings test (MET). For separate applications for Title XVIII and Title II benefits, see GN 00204.045 and HI 00801.001.

b. Restrict MOET

The beneficiary may exclude a NSM by choosing a MOET later than the NSM. For more information on MOET, see GN 00204.040.

B. Procedure for choosing the year NSMs apply

The following situations must apply to withdraw a claim:

  1. 1. 

    If the beneficiary asks about paying back benefits or changing the "year of retirement," provide a complete explanation of withdrawal including any possible adverse consequences to the beneficiary and others entitled on the record.

  2. 2. 

    If the beneficiary initiates the withdrawal, follow withdrawal procedures outlined in GN 00201.005 and GN 00206.005.

REMINDER: Do not suggest withdrawal as a method of eliminating NSMs.

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