TN 24 (05-98)

RS 02510.018 Resolving Exceptions Generated by Direct Posting


Direct posting generates a computer printout or "exception" if both the "YEAR" and the "EIN" of the incoming posting match those already on the MEF but the "AMOUNTS" do not match. This might occur, for example, if there is an SP posting on the MEF from box 11 on the W-2 for $5,788.00. The NH reports receiving a check for accumulated sick and vacation pay in the amount of $4,200.00. The FO inputs the reported sick and vacation pay of $4,200.00 without first checking to see if there was a SP on the MEF. An exception is generated because there is already a posting for the same employer (EIN) for a different amount. The PSC would resolve the exception and input the correct SP ($9,988) with a "V" code.

These "exceptions" are accumulated in CO on printed lists titled "SPECIAL WAGE PAYMENT EXCEPTIONS." These lists are then sent at prescribed intervals (depending on volume) to the PSC servicing the particular SSNs on the list, for resolution and reinput (regardless of which office originally input the exception).

NOTE: How these lists are controlled, routed and disposed of in the PSC is determined by the PSC.

Each exception on the list sent to the PSC, is displayed on a single horizontal line. Each line spans two files of data. The first file is labeled "TRANSACTION" and the second "MASTER EARNINGS FILE." These two files are described below. At the end of each line is a message "SWP YR ALREADY ON MEF."

The "TRANSACTION" file contains the input data that generated the "exception." It is comprised of:

  • SSN (numberholder's (NH) Social Security number)

  • NAME (six positions of the NH's surname)

  • YEAR

  • PAYMENT (amount of the SWP)

  • EIN (employer identification number)

  • FIELD OFFICE CODE (FO or PC that entered the posted SP)

NOTE:If no field office code appears it signifies that input was from a W-2 or magnetic tape posting.

The Master Earnings File (MEF) contains the data already posted for that year (DETAIL NON-COVERED). It is comprised of:

  • YEAR

  • AMOUNT (in whole dollars)

  • EIN

  • FIELD OFFICE CODE (FO or PC that entered the posted SP)


NOTE:The message "SWP YR ALREADY ON MEF" at the end of each line indicates a duplicate record; i.e., a match on SSN, NAME, YEAR, and EIN but AMOUNTS do not agree.

Posted SPs are automatically subtracted from total earnings for ET purposes during enforcement.


1. General Guidelines

It is important that the SWP exceptions be resolved and reinput promptly to ensure accurate earnings determinations through the RSI Earnings Enforcement program. The PSC adjudicators use the following procedures to resolve the "exceptions" generated by direct posting of SPs:

a. MBR

  • Check the MBR to determine if the individual to whom the SP applies is entitled to Social Security benefits and on what SSN

  • Review the "Special Message" field in the MBR of the entitled individual, and determine on the basis of that information whether the generated exception can be resolved without further action.

b. Transfer

  • Transfer the exception to the other PSC for resolution when the MBR indicates that the BOAN to which the exception applies is cross-referenced to the SSN/BIC of an auxiliary or survivor on another record that is the jurisdiction of the other PSC

  • Transfer the exception for resolution to the office having temporary possession of the folder, if the adjudicator believes that the folder will not be returned in time for posting prior to April 1 for the year the enforcement program is run. Do not transfer the exception to an inappropriate temporary location, such as the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review or the Appeals Council. If the folder is in a temporary location where the exception would not be processed, contact the beneficiary or the employer (SSA-131) to resolve the exception.

c. Claims Folder

  • Examine all information available on the system. Obtain the claims folder for entitled individuals, and examine information in the folder only as a last resort.

  • Consider any SP information currently recorded on the MBR

d. Precedent Files and MEF

  • Review any precedent files maintained in the PSC

  • Query the MEF in accordance with MSOM QUERIES 003.005

e. Amount

  • Determine if the SP "AMOUNT" on the exception is correct, or whether it is in addition to, or in lieu of, amounts for that EIN which are already posted for that year

  • Calculate the correct total "AMOUNT" for that EIN which should be posted for that year

f. Posting

  • Input (if not already posted) the correct SP data to the MEF in accordance with MSOM EM 001.004

  • Annotate the "Special Message" field of the MBR as described in RS 02510.017B. except when the SWP is posted from an employer's listing

g. Earnings Record

  • Consider whether any changes in the earnings record require correction via Earnings Modernization Item Correction (MSOM EM 010.001 ff.)

h. NAN (i.e., takes no action)

  • Take no action if the person to whom the exception applies is not entitled to benefits; i.e., is not on the MBR and no earnings record correction is needed

2. Special Case

Adjudicators can vary from the above procedures when necessary to resolve the issue.

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