RS 02610.000 Alien Non-Payment Provisions

Subchapter Table of Contents
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RS 02610.001Alien Nonpayment ProvisionsTN 15 05-08
RS 02610.005Types of Payments Affected by Alien NonpaymentTN 15 05-08
RS 02610.010Exceptions to Alien NonpaymentTN 15 05-08
RS 02610.011Coding of Alien Nonpayment ProvisionsTN 15 05-08
RS 02610.013Coding Priority of Alien Nonpayment ProvisionsTN 15 05-08
RS 02610.015Status of Countries for Alien Nonpayment Provision (ANP) Exceptions Based on CitizenshipTN 16 01-18
RS 02610.020Establishing Absence and Presence in the United States (U.S.)TN 15 05-08
RS 02610.021Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Report of Alien DepartureTN 15 05-08
RS 02610.022When Evidence of Presence in the United States (U.S.) is RequiredTN 15 05-08
RS 02610.023Acceptable Evidence of Presence in the United States (U.S.) for Any Part of One Day, 30 Consecutive Days, One Full Calendar MonthTN 15 05-08
RS 02610.024Field Office (FO)/Program Service Center (PSC) Actions upon Receipt of Proof of Presence in the U.S.TN 15 05-08
RS 02610.0255 Year Residency Requirement for Alien Dependents/Survivors Outside the United States (U.S.)TN 15 05-08
RS 02610.0305 Year Residency Requirements for Spouses, Natural Child, Adopted Child, and a ParentTN 15 05-08
RS 02610.035Determining the Other ParentTN 15 05-08
RS 02610.037Change in Child’s Parental Status And The 5 Year Residency RequirementTN 15 05-08
RS 02610.039Establishing the 5 Year Residency RequirementTN 15 05-08
RS 02610.041Lawful Presence and the Alien Nonpayment ProvisionsTN 15 05-08
RS 02610.042Notice Requirements for the Alien Nonpayment ProvisionsTN 15 05-08

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