TN 5 (07-90)

RS 02640.010 U.S. Citizenship

A. Policy

Assume an individual is a U.S. citizen, absent information to the contrary, if:

  • Evidence, such as the numident or birth record, shows he was born in the U.S.; or

  • The SSA-21 (or equivalent information) shows he is a U.S. citizen and the Master Beneficiary Record shows U.S. citizenship is proven. (See SM 00514.165.)

B. Procedure

If a person was born outside the U.S. and citizenship is material, ask him to submit evidence of citizenship.

Submit cases to the Office of International Programs (OIP), Office of Foreign Program Policy (OFPP) in which:

  • An individual outside the U.S. claims U.S. citizenship;

  • An event has occurred which could result in the loss of citizenship; and

  • The loss of citizenship is material.

C. References

GN 00303.100 – Definition of a U.S. citizen for Social Security purposes

GN 05010.010 – Definition of a U.S. citizen for tax withholding purposes

GN 00303.200 – Events which can result in the loss of U.S. citizenship

GN 00303.300 – Evidence of U.S. citizenship.

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