TN 6 (07-97)

RS 02640.020 Citizenship in Other Countries


Accept an allegation that an individual is a citizen of the country of his birth if evidence of his birth in that country has been submitted.

The claimant/beneficiary must submit evidence of his citizenship if:

  • He alleges citizenship in a country other than that of birth; and

  • Citizenship is material to the payment of benefitsorthe withholding of tax (RS 02640.001).

Accept an allegation of a change in citizenship if it is not self-serving.


This chart provides information on areas for which there are special considerations.

American IndianAlthough some individuals state they are “North American Indians,” there is no such national citizenship. They are members of certain tribes located near the Canadian-U.S. border and their national citizenship is either Canadian or U.S.
Denmark, France, the Netherlands and PortugalThese countries are composed of territories in Europe, America, Asia and/or Africa. The portion of the country in which an individual was born is immaterial in determining citizenship.
United KingdomThe terms “British subjects” and “Commonwealth citizens” do not mean an individual is a citizen of the United Kingdom (U.K.). These terms are synonymous and indicate citizenship in a country which is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations.
 The U.K. considers as citizens all persons born within the U.K. or within what is now a British colony. They are “citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies.” Generally, a person born in a colony which has been given independence acquires citizenship in the new nation and does not keep his U.K. citizenship.

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