TN 7 (09-95)

RS 02650.130 Overpayments to Deceased Beneficiaries in Albania


Because of the restrictions on payments to, or on behalf of, beneficiaries in Albania, many beneficiaries did not notify SSA when they left the U.S. As a result, benefits were incorrectly paid to addresses (including financial institutions) in the U.S. or other countries. In many cases, subsequent information shows that benefits were paid up to, or after, the date the beneficiary died in Albania.


If information, or a subsequent claim, indicates that a deceased beneficiary may have received benefits while in Albania, obtain the claims file for information on the date the deceased left the United States and any returned checks.

Develop to determine if an overpayment exists if:

  • the file does not resolve the questions (i.e., show that the payments were correct); and

  • additional benefits (including monthly benefits to a spouse) may be payable or another beneficiary may be entitled on that record.

If no additional benefits are payable, annotate the record to show that development will be necessary if additional benefits become payable.

Correct the termination date if entitlement was terminated based on an incorrect date of death.

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RS 02650.130 - Overpayments to Deceased Beneficiaries in Albania - 09/13/1995
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