TN 8 (10-02)

RS 02803.050 Critical Payment System (CPS)

The CPS permits payment of title II benefits in critical cases and other special situations when regular MBR payments cannot be made. The CPS also issues payments in certain situations where regular MBR payments are being made, but additional benefits are due. The CPS is capable of generating a one-time (single) payment or it may be used to establish continuing (repetitive) monthly payments. The CPS is also used to document and authorize title II immediate payments, either alone or in conjunction with a one-time or continuing payment action.

Complete information about the CPS as well as related processing instructions are located in SM 00635.001 and MSOM INTRANETCPS 001.001 through MSOM INTRANETCPS 001.016. For situations in which CPS cannot be used, see RS 02801.001 or SM 00635.001E.

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