TN 49 (08-08)

DI 11010.010 Modernized Claim System (MCS) and Earnings Computation (EC)

A. Introduction – EC

The policy applies to all field office (FO) employees who adjudicate Title II claims.

B. Policy - EC

EC provides the yearly earnings and the insured status determination, along with the primary insurance amount (PIA) if the individual is insured. Since EC provides the computation information, it is rare that there is a need to go outside of MCS to use the Informational/Certified Earnings Record System (ICERS) to obtain an earnings record (E/R). Review the Earnings Alert Query (EARQ) for earnings alerts.

C. Explanation - EC

Prior to the Title II Redesign Release in July 1999, the MCS back-end process (the EC process) identified most processing limitations before EC produced an insured status determination and an E/R Changes in the Redesign Release moved many of the processing limitations and exceptions further back in the EC process.

D. References

MSOM MCSEC 001.001 - Earnings Computation Screens – Overview

GN 01010.009 - Certified and Uncertified E/Rs -

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