TN 49 (08-08)

DI 11010.165 Evaluation of Work of Blind Individuals

A. Work activity before 1978

Prior to 1978, work performed by blind individuals was evaluated using the same principles as non-blind individuals for Title II purposes. See Meaning of SGA and Scope of Subchapter - DI 10505.001 - DI 10505.020.

B. Work activity in 1978 or later

For 1978 or later, annual Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) amounts for blind individuals under Title II are higher than the amounts for non-blind individuals. For specific amounts, see Tables of SGA Earnings Guidelines and Effective Dates Based on Year of Work Activity - DI 10501.015.

Prior to applying the Earnings Guidelines for a SGA determination, evaluate the earnings and activities of blind individuals to determine “countable earnings.” See Determining Countable Earnings - DI 10505.010. Deduct any subsidy and Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE) from gross earnings. A blind employee is considered engaging in SGA in 1978 or later if his/her “countable earnings” average more than the amount shown in the SGA Earnings Guidelines.

Cases in which the average monthly “countable earnings” of blind individuals, in 1978 or later, do not exceed the amount shown for blind persons in the SGA Earnings Guidelines need not be evaluated under the comparability and worth of work tests. It is assumed that average monthly “countable earnings” do not demonstrate an ability to engage in SGA.

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