TN 59 (07-99)

DI 11011.025 Special Notification Required

A. Policy

A claimant must always be notified when a partial determination is made. After the decision is made by the FO, the claimant must be notified of the onset date established. If the determination is not fully favorable, the FO will prepare an incomplete notice and forward the claim to the appropriate PSC. The PSC will be responsible for completing the notice and sending it to the claimant.

B. Procedure

1. Notice Preparation

Prepare Form SSA-3601, (Non CAPS Routing) or SSA-3293, (CAPS Routing) as appropriate, and indicate all necessary paragraphs.

2. Routing

Route the SSA-3601/SSA-3293 with the folder to the PSC for the CA/BA to include in the award notice.

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