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DI 11020.005 Claimant Eligible as Student or Disabled Child

Take a claim for childhood disability benefits even if it appears that the disabled claimant could be entitled as a full-time student. (See RS 00205.001 “Who Is Eligible For Student Benefits”). The advantages of a child being entitled as a disabled child rather than as a full-time student are:

  • Spouse's, mother's, or father's benefits may be payable if the “child-in-care” requirements are met.

  • Follow-ups to determine continuing entitlement to student’s benefits are eliminated. (See RS 00205.325 “When Student Benefits Terminate”)

  • Benefits will not automatically terminate at age 19.

  • The child will be entitled to Health Insurance Benefits (Medicare Part A) and have the option to elect Supplementary Medical Insurance Benefits (Part B), after 24 months of entitlement as a disabled child.

However, where it appears that there will be a delay in processing the child's claim based on disability, develop to establish the child's entitlement as a student so monthly benefits can be paid while the disability claim is being processed.


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