TN 64 (09-09)

DI 11055.065 Claimant Does Not Meet the SSI Non-Medical Requirements

When initiating an SSI disability claim, conduct a thorough pre-application interview of the non-medical information to determine whether the applicant appears to meet eligibility requirements.

  • If the claimant clearly does not meet the non-medical requirements, the field office (FO) processes the SSI denial. Because SSA does not need a medical determination, the FO does not send the claim to the Disability Determination Services (DDS).

  • If denying the claim for not meeting more than one non-medical requirement, the FO must send a denial notice informing the claimant of each of the denial reasons.

If the claimant is clearly not eligible based on non-medical requirements, the FO should process the claim using the SSI abbreviated application process (ABAP). It is appropriate to complete an ABAP only if it is clear at the time of application that the claimant does not meet any one of the non-medical eligibility requirements through the end of the month after the month of the adjudicated claim.


  • DI 11055.045, Claims Involving Work Activity

  • SI 00501.000, Eligibility Under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Provisions

  • SI 00601.000, General Applications and Interviewing Policy

  • SI 00602.000, Abbreviated Application Process for Clear Technical Denials

  • SI 00603.000, The SSI Disability/Blindness Initial Claims Process

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