DI 12045.000 Special Situations

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 12045.005Claims Under Different Titles – Common Issue - GeneralTN 1 11-02
DI 12045.010Processing Disability Claims at Different Levels of Appeal, Title II and Title XVI – Common Issue CasesTN 1 11-02
DI 12045.015Claims Under Different Titles – Common Issue at the ALJ Hearing LevelTN 1 11-02
DI 12045.021Appeal Processing Chart/Common Issue CasesTN 1 11-02
DI 12045.025Conflicting Determinations in Claims Under Different Titles - All LevelsTN 1 11-02
DI 12045.027New Claim or Appeal Filed While a Prior Claim or Appeal is Pending Before the Appeals Council (AC) — Title II or Title XVITN 1 11-02
DI 12045.030Same Title Claims – New Claim Filed, Prior Claim at Reconsideration LevelTN 1 11-02
DI 12045.035Same Title Claims – New Claim or Appeal Filed, Prior Claim Pending at the Hearing LevelTN 1 11-02
DI 12045.040Death of Claimant – Reconsideration LevelTN 1 11-02
DI 12045.045Death of Claimant – Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Hearing LevelTN 1 11-02
DI 12045.050Death of Claimant - Appeals Council (AC) LevelTN 1 11-02
DI 12045.065Career Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Cases When Claimant Files an AppealTN 4 09-13
DI 12045.080Title XVI and Concurrent Title II/XVI Reconsideration Requests When a Claimant Moves to or from Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico, or CanadaTN 3 08-13

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