TN 49 (08-95)

DI 12521.010 Inquiries

A. Policy

Potential class members may request review by returning the reply form to SSA or, if no notice was received by the potential class member, requesting review in person, by telephone or in writing to any SSA office by August 18, 1998.

B. Procedure

1. Class Review Request

If a claimant contacts the FO to request Dixon review, follow DI 12521.005B.1.

2. Status Inquiry

Take the following steps if an individual inquires about the status of their Dixon review.

  1. a. 

    Prepare an SSA-5002 (Report of Contact) and include the claimant's:

    • SSN,

    • claim number,

    • BIC/MFT,

    • name,

    • date of birth,

    • address,

    • telephone number, and include the remark “ Dixon Status Request.”

  2. b. 

    If the folder is in the FO, associate the inquiry with the folder and send a status notice (see DI 12521.095, Exhibit 11).

  3. c. 

    If the folder is not in the FO, obtain a DDSQ and, if the folder is in the New York DDS (the DDSQ will show a “LIT” code of “808” for Dixon), phone the DDS for status and send a status notice. (If the folder is in a DDS other than New York, follow regular procedures for handling inquiries.)

  4. d. 

    If the Dixon folder is not in either the FO or the DDS:

    • Obtain a CATS query using local procedures. Direct all questions to the Disability Programs Branch in the regional office.

      NOTE: NY State FOs Only - Refer to POS 93-95, dated 07/30/ 93.

    • Prepare and release a status notice based on the information provided by the Dixon Coordinator.

  5. e. 

    Forward the inquiry and a copy of the response to the current folder location. If the case has not yet been alerted, send the material to:

    ATTN: Dixon Coordinator
    P.O. Box 17369
    Baltimore, MD 21298-0050.

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