TN 1 (11-00)

DI 12548.040 Miscellaneous Development

A. Procedure - Claimant Deceased

If the claimant is deceased follow existing instructions (see DI 23510.001 ff.). To determine distribution of any potential underpayment, see GN 02301.030 ff. and SI 02101.003 ff. To insure that the pending claim is closed on CATS, notify OPB/Litigation Staff that the individual is deceased and if there is an eligible survivor or estate that is payable. (See DI 12548.005B.2.b.)

B. Procedure - Whereabouts Unknown

If the claimant's whereabouts become unknown anytime during the redetermination/readjudication process, make reasonable efforts to locate the claimant. See DI 11018.005, which requires a personal contact at claimant's residence, contacts with the postmaster, neighbors, physician, local tradesmen, others. If the claimant cannot be located, record the efforts made and evaluate the claim(s) on the basis of the evidence in file. (See also DI 23005.001.) Document attempts to locate the claimant to enable the DDS to make a determination. Send a copy to OPB/Litigation Staff.

C. Procedure - Change in “Date Last Insured”

Request certified earnings record to determine if date last insured (DLI) has changed in cases where DLI is prior to the current date, and the claimant has worked since the prior denial. If DLI has changed, notify DDS of new DLI.

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