TN 55 (08-96)

DI 12586.030 Other Class Actions -- Stieberger

A. Policy -- General

Stieberger class members may be class members in other class action suits as well. The Stieberger settlement agreement permits SSA to combine the review of claims required by the agreement with the review of claims required by other class action orders or agreements, so long as the individual gets all the relief possible under each class action.

A review mandated under another class action that takes place after 07/02/ 92, will suffice in lieu of the Stieberger review as long as the review under the other case afforded the class member, at least, all the relief possible under Stieberger .

B. Policy -- Other New York Class Actions

The Stieberger alert (Exhibit 9, DI 12586.095) will indicate in the MCI field whether multiple class action cases are involved. Other New York class actions that may overlap the Stieberger period are:


    State of New York v. Sullivan, code: SN; DI 12594.001ff.

    Dixon v. Shalala, code DI; DI 12521.001ff.

Local procedures will be used for obtaining CATS queries to ascertain whether any action has been taken under another class action. Questions should be directed to the Disability Program Branch in your regional office.

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