TN 15 (11-02)

DI 13010.125 Retroactive Work Cessation and Reopening

A retroactive cessation determination must not conflict with the rules of administrative finality. These rules impose certain time limits that SSA will follow in reopening and revising prior disability or continuing disability determinations or decisions that have become final. The rules are explained in Regulations No. 4, sections 404.987-404.995 (title II). They provide that an initial, reconsideration, or revised determination, or a decision or revised decision, that is otherwise final, may nevertheless be reopened in certain circumstances. Refer to GN 04001.001 for rules regarding administrative finality. When a determination or decision is made on a CDR or TWP months, it cannot be reopened unless it is timely questioned under the provisions of administrative finality. If a CDR continuance cannot be revised under the rules of administrative finality, the earliest a subsequent cessation could be effective is the month after the prior CDR continuance determination.

If you determine that a prior determination was in error, but you cannot revise it due to administrative finality, document the determination in the DCF using the IRMK screen.

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DI 13010.125 - Retroactive Work Cessation and Reopening - 11/27/2002
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