TN 15 (11-02)

DI 13010.615 The CDR Entitlement (ECDR) Screen

A. Procedure – When to use the ECDR Screen

Use the ECDR screen to select the CDR action for the beneficiary/recipient that needs to be queried or updated.

B. Procedure – How to get to the ECDR Screen

To get to the ECDR screen:

  • Select 32, "DISABILITY CONTROL FILE," from SSA's main menu (MAIN).

  • Select 1 –5, 7-9, 10, or 15 on the MCDR screen with the appropriate SSN or SSN and BIC.

C. Reference – ECDR Screen

MSOM CDR 001.003

D. Procedure – Completing the ECDR Screen

The ECDR screen, CDR Entitlement Screen, is the first screen in the path that contains entitlement information for the individual. This screen lists the post-entitlement actions that can be taken regarding a disabled beneficiary (e.g., title II work or medical CDR, title XVI medical CDR, EXR case, etc.). The STATUS column provides a brief indicator of the most recent History for each category of actions (for example, this section provides data elements moved from the “CDRM” line from the MBR). Enter in the SELECT field the type of query or update needed for the beneficiary/recipient. The types of action possible are:

  • 1 – Title XVI Medical CDR,

  • 2 – EXR Request for Reinstatement,

  • 3 - PL 104-193 Action,

  • 4 – LBW/CHLD/18,

  • 5 – Title II Medical CDR, and

  • 6 – Title II Work CDR.

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