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DI 13010.662 The Query Modify Medical Data (QMMD) Screen

A. Procedure – When to use the QMMD Screen

Use the QMMD screen to review medical information when the Query Medical Information Data screen (DI 13010.660) is unavailable. This can occur when no prior CDRs were completed, no current CDRs are pending and only medical data is available.

B. Procedure – How to get to the QMMD Screen

To get to the QMMD screen:

  • Select 32, DISABILITY CONTROL FILE, from SSA's main menu (MAIN) screen.

  • Select 7 on the CDR Selection Menu (MCDR) screen with the beneficiary's own SSN or the entitlement SSN and BIC.

  • Select type of CDR action 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 on the CDR Entitlement (ECDR) screen.

    NOTE: Option T = Ticket and Option E = Earnings are not CDR events and do not store medical data.

C. Reference – QMMD Screen

MSOM CDR 001.017 through MSOM CDR 001.018

D. Procedure - Reading the QMMD Screen

The QMMD contains information relating to medical determinations made, including the medical re-exam diary date. The data in the fields is propagated and cannot be changed in query mode. The coding on this screen is the normal coding for the fields involved. The second column on the QMMD shows the data the Office of Continuing Disability Reviews Support has on file.

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