TN 3 (01-07)

DI 13015.015 Benefit Continuation in FTC/WU Cases

A. Policy - FTC Cases

Statutory benefit continuation will be offered in medical cessation cases. See DI 12027.010.

A streamlined FTC process was implemented for medical CDRs on January 27, 2007, in the FO.

If a title II beneficiary or a title XVI recipient failed to comply with the FO’s request for necessary CDR information or evidence needed to complete the CDR and was terminated after 12 months of non-payment, benefit continuation will not be offered because a medical determination is not being made. (See DI 13015.001C.)

B. Policy - WU Cases

Statutory benefit continuation does not apply to title II and title XVI WU cases since these are not considered to be medical cessation cases. Goldberg-Kelly procedures do not apply in title XVI cases because WU (S06) is considered an administrative suspension and does not result in a loss of eligibility.

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