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DI 13095.125 List of Occupation Titles and Codes


01 Occupation in architecture, engineering, and surveying
02 Occupation in mathematics and physical sciences
04 Occupation in life science
07 Occupation in medicine and health
09 Occupation in education
10 Occupation in museum, library, and archival sciences
11 Occupation in law and jurisprudence
12 Occupation in religion and theology
13 Occupation in writing
14 Occupation in art
15 Occupation in entertainment and recreation
16 Occupation in administrative specializations
18 Managers and officials


19 Other professional, technical, and managerial occupations
20 Stenography, typing, filing, and related occupations
21 Computing and account-recording occupations
22 Production and stock clerks and related occupations
23 Information and message distribution occupation
25 Sales occupation, services
26 Sales occupation, consumable commodities
27 Sales occupation, commodities other than consumable
28 Other clerical occupation


29 Other sales occupation
30 Domestic service occupations
31 Food and beverage preparation and service occupation
32 Lodging and related service occupation
33 Barbering, cosmetology, and related service occupation
34 Amusement and recreation service occupation
35 Other personal service occupation (e.g., hostesses, stewards, hospital attendants, practical nurses, etc.)
36 Apparel and furnishings service occupation
37 Protective service occupation
38 Office service occupation


39 Other nonpersonal service occupation
40 Plant farming occupation
41 Animal farming occupation
44 Fishery and related occupation
45 Forestry occupation
46 Hunting, trapping, and related occupation


47 Other agricultural, fishery, forestry and related occupation
50 Occupation in processing of metal
51 Ore refining and foundry occupation
52 Occupation in processing of food, tobacco, and related products
53 Occupation in processing of paper and related material
54 Occupation in processing of petroleum, coal, natural and manufactured gas, and related products
55 Occupation in processing of chemicals, plastics, synthetics, rubber, paint, and related products
56 Occupation in processing of wood and wood products
57 Occupation in processing of stone, clay, glass, and related products
58 Occupation in processing of leather, textiles, and related products


59 Other processing occupation
60 Metal machining occupation
61 Metalworking occupation
62 Mechanics and machinery repairers
64 Paperworking occupation
65 Printing occupation
66 Wood machining occupation
67 Occupation in machining stone, clay, glass, and related materials
68 Textile occupation


69 Other machine trades occupation
70 Occupation in fabrication, assembly, and repair of metal products
71 Occupation in fabrication and repair of scientific, medical, photographic, optical horological, and related products
72 Occupation in assembly and repair of electrical equipment
73 Occupation in fabrication and repair of products made from assorted materials
74 Painting, decorating, or related occupation
75 Occupation in fabrication and repair of plastics, synthetics, rubber and related products
76 Occupation in fabrication and repair of wood products
77 Occupation in fabrication and repair of sand, stone, clay, and glass products
78 Occupation in fabrication and repair of textile, leather, and related products


79 Other benchwork occupation
80 Occupation in metal fabricating
81 Welder, cutter, or related occupation
82 Electrical assembling, installing, and repairing occupation
84 Painting, plastering, waterproofing, cementing, or related occupation
85 Excavating, grading, paving, or related occupation
86 Construction occupation


89 Other structural work occupation
90 Motor freight occupation
91 Transportation occupation
92 Packaging and materials handling occupation
93 Occupation in extraction of minerals
95 Occupation in production and distribution of utilities (e.g., energy, water, sewage)
96 Amusement, recreation, motion picture, radio and television occupations not included in the preceeding

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