DI 13510.000 Vocational Rehabilitation Reimbursements

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 13510.001 Payment to States for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services Which Result in a Continuous Period of Substantial Gainful Activity TN BASIC 03-86
DI 13510.005 Responsibilities of SSA Offices TN BASIC 03-86
DI 13510.010 Determining and Certifying the VR Continuous Period of SGA TN BASIC 03-86
DI 13510.025 Exhibit - Form SSA-289-U3 TN BASIC 03-86
DI 13510.030 FO Instructions for Providing Medical Information to State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Agencies for VR Cost Reimbursement or Ticket to Work Program TN BASIC 07-11

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