DI 20101.000 DDS Jurisdiction

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DI 20101.001Disability Determination Services (DDS) and Social Security Administration (SSA) Jurisdictions for Initial and Subsequent CasesTN 4 12-09
DI 20101.005Disability Determination Services (DDS) and Social Security Administration (SSA) Jurisdictions for Reopening Prior DeterminationsTN 4 12-09
DI 20101.010Disability Determination Services (DDS) Jurisdiction for Reconsideration CasesTN 4 12-09
DI 20101.015Social Security Administration (SSA) and Disability Determination Services (DDS) Jurisdictions- Continuing Disability CasesTN 4 12-09
DI 20101.020Social Security Administration (SSA) Jurisdiction for Hearing CasesTN 4 12-09
DI 20101.025Subsequent Claim Filed or Reconsideration on a Subsequent Claim is Requested While Hearing, Appeals Council (AC) Review, or Court Action Pending on Prior ClaimTN 4 12-09
DI 20101.030Social Security Administration (SSA) Jurisdiction According to Geographic LocationTN 4 12-09
DI 20101.035Disability Determination Services (DDS) and Social Security (SSA) Jurisdictions when the Claimant MovesTN 4 12-09
DI 20101.040Processing Disability Cases Involving Railroad (RR) Service, Changed-Identity, Emergency Clause Agreements, or Unresolved Jurisdiction CasesTN 4 12-09
DI 20101.045Jurisdiction User’s GuideTN 4 12-09
DI 20101.900ExhibitsTN 4 12-09

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