DI 24515.000 Specific Medical Evaluation Instructions

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 24515.012Evaluating Lay EvidenceTN 2 02-01
DI 24515.020Curtailing Development of Fully Favorable ClaimsTN 5 06-13
DI 24515.050Evaluation Of Specific Issues — Receipt Of Medical Evidence After Notification Of Claimant's DeathBASIC 08-00
DI 24515.055Evaluation Of Specific Issues Psychological/Psychometric TestingBASIC 08-00
DI 24515.056Evaluation Of Specific Issues — Mental Disorders —Determining Medical EquivalenceBASIC 08-00
DI 24515.062Your Residual Functional CapacityBASIC 08-00
DI 24515.063Exertional and Nonexertional LimitationsBASIC 08-00
DI 24515.064Evaluation Of Specific Issues — Environmental IllnessBASIC 08-00
DI 24515.065Symptoms, Medically Determinable Physical and Mental Impairments, and Exertional and Nonexertional Limitations (SSR 96-4p)BASIC 08-00
DI 24515.075Evaluating Claims Involving Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)TN 11 03-17
DI 24515.076Evaluation of Fibromyalgia (FM) SSR 12-2pTN 12 03-17
DI 24515.079Genetic TestsTN 10 12-16

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