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DI 25015.001 General - Ability to Perform Other Work

Determinations of the ability to perform other work require consideration of a person's RFC, age, education and past work experience. For an exception to this rule, see Expedited Vocational Assessment at Steps 4 and 5 of Sequential Evaluation, DI 25005.005. These determinations are made by applying the policies and principles listed in this subchapter and the medical/vocational guidelines provided in subchapters DI 25020.000 and DI 25025.000.

A person is found capable of performing other work when:

  • The range and kind of work for which he or she is functionally and vocationally suited are sufficiently broad to constitute a reasonable outlook for making a vocational adjustment and

  • Such jobs exist in significant numbers in the region in which the individual resides or in several regions of the country.

NOTE: Factors such as a change in residence from one geographical area to another, lack of job openings, and employers' hiring practices are not pertinent to the decision.

See DI 22001.001 (Sequential Evaluation) re: when a determination of ability to perform other work must be made.

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