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DI 25201.015 How We Will Explain Our Findings

A. Policy - (section 416.924(g))

When we make an initial or reconsidered determination whether you are disabled under this section or whether your disability continues under DI 28001.001 ff. (except when a disability hearing officer makes the reconsideration determination), we will complete a standard form, SSA-538, Childhood Disability Evaluation Form. The form outlines the steps of the sequential evaluation process for individuals who have not attained age 18. In these cases, the State agency medical or psychological consultant or other designee of the Commissioner has overall responsibility for the content of the form and must sign the form to attest that it is complete and that he or she is responsible for its content, including the findings of fact and any discussion of supporting evidence. Disability hearing officers, administrative law judges, and the administrative appeals judges on the Appeals Council (when the Appeals Council makes a decision) will not complete the form but will indicate their findings at each step of the sequential evaluation process in their determinations or decisions.

B. Reference

Detailed instructions on use of Form SSA-538, the Childhood Disability Evaluation Form, DI 25230.001 ff.

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