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DI 25210.025 Unusual Settings - Policy (Section 416.924a(b)(6))

Children may function differently in unfamiliar or one-to-one settings than they do in their usual settings at home, at school, in childcare or in the community. You may appear more or less impaired on a single examination (such as a consultative examination) than indicated by the information covering a longer period. Therefore, we will apply the guidance in DI 25210.020 when we consider how you function in an unusual or one-to-one situation. We will look at your performance in a special situation and at your typical day-to-day functioning in routine situations. We will not draw inferences about your functioning in other situations based only on how you function in a one-to-one, new, or unusual situation.

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DI 25210.025 - Unusual Settings - Policy (Section 416.924a(b)(6)) - 01/30/2001
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