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DI 25505.040 Notice to Claimant of Medical Deferment

A. When medical deferment is necessary:

Send a notice to the claimant and, if appropriate, to the claimant’s representative that:

  • explains the 12-month duration requirement;

  • discusses the recent date of the impairment(s) onset; and

  • states the month, day, and year for which you need evidence in order to make a determination.

For a sample letter on notifying the claimant of medical deferment, see NL 00705.755.

REMINDER: When you defer a claim, place a copy of the notice in the case file (electronic or paper) and notify the field office of the deferment by posting a message in eView.

B. It may not be advisable to send a notice to the claimant of medical deferment when:

  • an investigation unit (IU) for fraud is investigating the case; or

  • notifying the claimant could cause him or her undue stress. (In this case, you should send the letter to the third party or representative.)

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