Basic (03-86)

DI 26015.020 Change in Beneficiary's Status from Blind to Disabled

In certain instances the DDS may find it necessary to change a favorable determination which changes a beneficiary's status from “blind” to “disabled.” While the beneficiary continues to meet the criteria for disability, he/she no longer meets the definition of blindness. Although this change will not normally result in an interruption of benefits (excluding any other basis for cessation), the DDS is required to notify the beneficiary of the change, including his/her right to appeal the decision.

DIB entitlement will continue for statutorily blind claimants who meet Fully Insured status only (i.e., do not meet 20/40 or Special Insured status) and are subsequently determined no longer stat blind but still disabled (i.e., have a non-blind impairment).

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