BASIC (05-00)

DI 26530.035 Initial DWB Denial — Personalized Disability Explanation Paragraphs

Reg-Basis Code
Shown in Item 22
Paragraph 1
Paragraph 2
Paragraph 3
F1330.3 330(B)(Last Day of PP)
F2324.2 (Last Day of PP)  
H1330 330(B)(Last Day of PP)
H2324.2 (Last Day of PP)  
J1330 330(B)(Last Day of PP)
J2324.2 (Last Day of PP)  
E1331.3 330(B)
E2324.2 (Last Day of PP)  
E3331.2575 (Last Day of PP)331(A)
E4324.2 (Last Day of PP)  
M5341575 (Last Day of PP) 
M6341575 (Last Day of PP) 
L1342575 (Last Day of PP) 
L2342575 (Last Day of PP) 
M3343575 (Last Day of PP) 
M4343575 (Last Day of PP) 
M7343(A)575 (Last Day of PP) 
M8343(A)575 (Last Day of PP) 
Z1330330 (Last Day of PP) 
Z2324.2 (Last Day of PP)  
K1381575 (Last Day of PP)330(D)
K2381575 (Last Day of PP) 
X3402, 409, 919  

1 Element 3 of personalized disability explanation.

2 The last paragraph of personalized disability explanation if a concluding paragraph is not necessary. If a concluding paragraph is necessary, this paragraph will be shown before the concluding paragraph.

3 The last element of personalized disability explanation.

NOTE: DWB Reg-Basis codes F1-1578, F2-1578, E1-1577 through E4-1577 were used for DWB cases processed prior to January 1991. Section 5103 of P.L. 101-508 changed the disability standard for disabled widow(er)s and surviving divorced spouses to conform to the disability standard for disabled wage earners. See DI 11015.001B. and DI 10110.001B.

See NL 00708.100 for a listing of the paragraphs shown in the chart above. The listing is in numerical order and contains text for each paragraph listed.

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