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DI 27020.001 The Reconsideration Rationale


A. Disability Determination Services process for completing the reconsideration rationale

The Disability Determination Services (DDS) must provide complete documentation of the sequential evaluation process used in claims adjudication. The DDS has the option to follow the instructions in this subchapter or follow the procedures in DI 24510.066B.

B. Purpose of the reconsideration rationale

The purpose of the reconsideration rationale is to:

  • Identify all the medical and non-medical factors considered;

  • Explain the thought process used to arrive at the disability determination;

  • Provide a permanent evidentiary record of the reasons underlying the determination; and

  • Inform any subsequent reviewers of the basis of the determination.

C. Procedure for completing the reconsideration rationale

When development is completed, the DDS must:

  • Examine the file in detail to ensure that all required elements are present and all pertinent allegations are documented.

  • Ensure that the evidence in file is fully developed and sufficient.

  • Provide an analysis of the total evidence--resolving conflicts and discrepancies, weighing the complete evidence, and setting forth the findings and conclusions in the disability decision rationale.

  • Prepare a revised rationale when revising the initial determination according to the instructions in DI 27020.005.

For additional information, see Processing Electronic Reconsideration Cases, DI 81020.025.

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