TN 1 (05-10)

DI 27030.010 Title II - Denials

A. Affirmation of an initial denial

The Disability Determination Services (DDS) must prepare and release a personalized notice for affirmations of initial denials. The personalized notice consists of preprinted form notice (SSA-L928 Denial Notice – Recon for Benefits) and a personalized explanation. (See DI 27025.020), for instructions on preparing a personalized explanation.) Include paragraph 842 (Title XVI disclaimer) on concurrent Title II/Title XVI claims when the SSA-L928 is not preprinted. For additional instructions on paragraph 842 see, NL 00708.100 - Numbered Paragraphs .

B. Partially favorable initial allowance to reconsideration denial

If a reconsideration request on a partially favorable determination results in a denial, provide a reconsideration denial notice. Since the initial determination is under appeal and is not final, this situation does not constitute an adverse reopening.

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