DI 27515.000 Collateral Estoppel

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 27515.001Collateral Estoppel - GeneralTN 9 10-93
DI 27515.010Association of Prior Folder in DDS Collateral Estoppel ClaimsTN 9 10-93
DI 27515.015Questioning the Prior Disability DeterminationTN 9 10-93
DI 27515.020New Title II DIB Claim - Title XVI Disability Previously EstablishedTN 6 08-90
DI 27515.030Applying Collateral Estoppel to a Prior Title II or Title XVI Decision of Not Disabled When a New Title II or Title XVI Claim is Being Adjudicated Within Six Months of the NoticeTN 6 08-90
DI 27515.035Resolution of Conflict in Title II/Title XVI ClaimsTN 6 08-90
DI 27515.040DWB Claim Filed - Prior Disability Has not CeasedTN 6 08-90
DI 27515.045DC Disability Established -Title II Claim FiledTN 6 08-90
DI 27515.050CDR Issues in Collateral Estoppel CasesTN 6 08-90
DI 27515.055New Claim Filed - Prior Title II or Title XVI Claim in Work Incentive StatusTN 6 08-90
DI 27515.060Collateral Estoppel - New Regulation Basis CodesTN 7 11-91

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