DI 27520.000 Reopenings - Special Issues

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DI 27520.001Informal Remand (IR) Cases to the Disability Determination Services (DDS)TN 12 07-08
DI 27520.005Disability Determination Services (DDS) Action upon Receipt of Informal Remand (IR) CasesTN 12 07-08
DI 27520.010Death after Medical Denial or CessationTN 12 07-08
DI 27520.015Previous Denial, Closed Period, or Termination Based on Failure to Follow Prescribed TreatmentTN 12 07-08
DI 27520.020Prior Favorable or Unfavorable Title II Determination or Decision - Felony Related ImpairmentTN 12 07-08
DI 27520.025Erroneous Notice/Payment CasesTN 12 07-08
DI 27520.026Improper Effectuation of an Allowance Determination before the Office of Quality Review Completes Its ReviewTN 13 03-15
DI 27520.030Conflicting Determinations or Decisions in Disability/Blindness Common Issue ClaimsTN 12 07-08
DI 27520.035Model Language for Fully Favorable Title XVI Applicants (Informal Remands)TN 12 07-08

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