DI 28065.000 Cases Involving Individuals Convicted of a Felony

Subchapter Table of Contents
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DI 28065.001CDR Considerations for Individuals Convicted of a FelonyBASIC 01-09
DI 28065.005Identifying Prisoner/Felon CasesBASIC 03-86
DI 28065.010Evaluation of Prisoner/Felon CDR CasesBASIC 03-86
DI 28065.015Disability Determinations - Individual Convicted But Not ConfinedBASIC 03-86
DI 28065.020Disability Determinations - Individual Convicted and Confined for a Felony Committed After October 19, 1980BASIC 03-86
DI 28065.025Disability Determinations - Freeze ProvisionsBASIC 03-86
DI 28065.030Disability Determinations - Insufficient EvidenceBASIC 03-86
DI 28065.035Completion of Form SSA-833-U5BASIC 03-86
DI 28065.040Rationale RequirementsBASIC 03-86
DI 28065.045Due Process RequirementsBASIC 03-86
DI 28065.050Notice Preparation InstructionsBASIC 03-86

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