TN 2 (08-15)

DI 28090.025 Rationale Content - The Individual’s Reason(s) for Continued Entitlement

A. Documentation of subjective complaints in the rationale

The rationale will include a brief statement outlining the physical or mental conditions and symptoms that the individual said limited his or her ability to work. The adjudicator will include all medical conditions and complaints reported by the individual during the field office (FO) interview, as well as any additional conditions, complaints, allegations, or observations subsequently reported by the FO, by medical sources or other sources, or to the Disability Determination Services (DDS) directly. The adjudicator must specifically address any allegations of pain and any subjective symptoms.

B. References

  • DI 24501.020 Symptoms, Signs, and Laboratory Findings

  • SSR 16-3p, “Titles II and XVI: Evaluation of Symptoms in Disability Claims”

  • DI 25210.005 Factors We Consider When We Evaluate The Effects Of Your Impairment(s) On Your Functioning (Section 416.924a(b)(1)-(2)

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