TN 1 (09-16)

DI 29005.035 Receipt of Additional Evidence after the Pre-hearing (PH) Review is Complete

CITATIONS: Social Security Act, Section 205(b) 20 CFR 404.916(e), 416.1416(e)

A. Handling trailer material

Handling of material or information received after the PH review depends on the location of the case at the time of receipt and the relevance of the evidence.

The PH reviewer may not be aware of electronic trailer material. However, if the disability determination services (DDS) receives paper evidence, scan the evidence into the electronic folder or forward the material to the disability hearing unit (DHU) using the SSA-408 (Route Slip). For information regarding trailer material, see DI 28030.040 and DI 81020.140.

B. Action taken

The table shows the procedures the DDS follows when it receives materials after the PH review is complete.



1. the case folder is in the DHU:


  • Contact the DHU to discuss the matter if the evidence is the determining factor in reconsidering the disability issue.

  • Confirm if the DHU requires the return of the case to the DDS if the evidence warrants a fully favorable determination.

  • Forward the evidence to the DHU using the SSA-408 (Route Slip). The DHU may return the case folder to the DDS if further case development is needed.

2. the case folder is at an administrative law judge (ALJ) or appeals council (AC) location


  • Alert the ALJ or AC using an eView Message, if possible.

  • Forward paper evidence to that ALJ or AC office for folder association and review using an SSA-408.

3. you have to forward paper evidence to another office:


  • Determine the location of the folder.

  • Use SSA-408 to forward the material to the component where the folder is located.

  • Annotate the SSA-408 remarks ‘For Review and Necessary Action’, and

  • Enter the individual (number holder’s) name and Social Security number on the SSA-408.

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