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DI 30001.005 Quality Assurance (QA) Objectives and Principles

A. Objectives

The objectives of a Disability Determination Service (DDS) Quality Assurance (QA) system:

  • enable DDS to provide the best possible service to the public;

  • detect and correct errors in DDS claims processing;

  • identify problem areas;

  • develop recommendations for initiating corrective actions;

  • target training needs to improve performance;

  • provide a means for measuring individual and group performance; and,

  • test alternative procedures to minimize cost.

B. Core operating principles of a DDS QA system

A successful DDS QA system:

  • is an independent arm of DDS management;

  • subjects all types and levels of disability determinations to sample reviews;

  • selects random samples of cases;

  • provides a systematic review of substantive and technical disability case issues;

  • reviews all operational, policy, and procedural aspects of claims;

  • records, analyzes, and reports data;

  • generates recommendations to be used by DDS management to improve performance;

  • incorporates in-line quality measures that build quality directly into the case development process;

  • promotes the use of electronic processes to identify and correct errors during case processing; and,

  • encourages open communications with the Disability Quality Branches, the Regional Offices and any other components to discuss quality issues.


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