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DI 30001.800 Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) Analysis and Feedback

A. Policy

The QAU provides analysis and feedback that improves quality within the Disability Determination Services (DDS) and should:

  • collect and analyze data on DDS performance from all available sources;

  • provide accurate and timely feedback to various levels within DDS; and,

  • recommend improvements.

1. Analysis

The QAU analysis is based on:

  • statistical data from QAU sample case reviews, high-risk case reviews, and special studies;

  • feedback from Social Security Administration (SSA) review components (OQR, RPC, etc.); and,

  • information from all other relevant sources such as audit findings or independent consultant reports.

2. SSA feedback

The QAU should use the results of SSA case reviews as part of its monitoring of DDS determinations. DDS management should ensure that QAU staff receives all SSA review reports, special studies, and statistical feedback regarding the quality of the DDS product.

3. SSA deficiency returns

The QAU should serve as the DDS focal point for:

  • review and analysis of individual case deficiency returns from SSA review components; and,

  • coordination of the DDS’s timely action in response to the return.

The QAU should also:

  • maintain records about returns received from SSA;

  • use this information along with other data in its analysis; and,

  • make recommendations based on QAU’s analysis.

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