TN 8 (04-04)

DI 30005.405 Second Returns

A. Policy

If the review component disagrees with the adjudicating component's corrective action and the adjudicating component does not rebut the deficiency, the review component will either assume jurisdiction and adjudicate the case or return the case to the adjudicating component again. The review component, however, will not cite an additional deficiency nor will the original deficiency be changed. The reason for the second return will be explained on the SSA-1774-U5 or SSA-847-U3 used to transmit the case.

See GN 04440.203 for a further explanation of review component action in second return situations.

B. DDS procedure

If the review component returns the case a second time, take the requested corrective action and return the case to the review component.

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