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DI 30007.115 Request for Program Consultation (RPC) Website and Web-Based Tool

A. Introduction

The RPC website is available on SSA’s intranet, and contains links, tools, user guides, and other information related to the RPC process. Individual security settings determine access to specific functionality within the website. For example, from the RPC website homepage, most users may:

  • See the RPC panel discussion schedule using the “RPC Discussion Meeting Schedule” function.

  • View specific case summaries, rationales, citations, and RPC resolutions.

  • Search for an RPC case based on specific criteria (such as RPC case number, body system, policy issue, etc.) using the “Search Data” function.

  • Access management information (MI) regarding RPC cases using the “MI Reports” function and the Management Information Dashboards.

  • Access detailed user guides using the “user Guides” link.

B. eRPC - The RPC tool

1. The RPC tool automatically:

  • Notifies adjudicating components, review components, Office of Disability Determinations(ODD), Office of Quality Review (OQR) and Centers for Disability (CD) when an RPC submission has been accepted, when the case is scheduled for RPC panel discussion, and when ODP posts the resolution;

  • Provides a transparent vehicle to share resolutions with all users.

2. RPC uses the RPC tool to:

  • Manage the RPC process;

  • Manage user access to the RPC process;

  • Receive RPC requests;

  • Schedule RPC panel discussions;

  • Monitor the workload; and

  • Capture information from RPC cases that may be useful to operational, quality, or policy components.

3. Adjudicating Components may use the RPC tool to:

  • Complete and submit RPC requests;

  • Add and remove users;

  • Assign more than one user to be an administrator to perform the user administrative functions;

  • Assign any number of users to be RPC requesters;

  • View pending RPC cases; and

  • Perform data searches

4. Review components may use the RPC tool to:

  • View pending cases;

  • Voluntarily request a deficiency rescission prior to RPC panel discussion (see DI 30007.135D.).

5. OQR and ODD managers can:

View pending RPC cases.

6. CD users can:

Review cases from their regions and conduct data analysis.

NOTE: To have users added or removed from the RPC tool, send an email to “^ODP OPCA Controls” with the name and personal identification number (PIN) of the user to be added or removed.

C. The Workload Management screen

RPC staff use the Workload Management screen to:

  • Track and manage RPC cases;

  • Assign new cases to RPC reviewers;

  • Monitor assigned cases; and

  • Ensure timely processing of cases.

D. The Workload Summary screen

This screen lists RPCs that the adjudicating components have submitted to RPC, but are not yet resolved. Managers in OQR, ODD, and the CDs are able to request access to the Workload Summary screen. Access enables these units to review the pending RPC cases in eView and to see when RPC panel discussions are scheduled.

E. Using the RPC tool for data and trends analysis

The RPC tool contains a wealth of data regarding RPC cases that may be useful to the adjudicating components, review components, CDs, and headquarters policy components. For example, users can:

1. View the following reports:

  • Current workload

  • Total closed cases

  • Body system

  • Allowance/Denial

  • Regulation basis code

  • RPC resolution

  • Rescission count

  • Policy issue

  • Policy referral

  • Processing time

2. Use “Search Data” or “Text Search” features to:

  • Search for RPC cases by RPC case number;

  • Search for RPC cases that meet certain criteria (e.g. medical listing, vocational rule, among many);

  • Search the texts of the adjudicating component's summary, the adjudicating component's narrative, the ODP Summary, the ODP narrative, and the ODP citations for specified key words.

3. Use the Management Information Dashboards to:

  • Identify trends

  • Track counts and rates

  • Measure activities

  • Monitor issues

For information on using this interactive tool, see the “RPC Power View User Guide”.

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