TN 7 (04-20)

DI 31001.005 Claimant's Consent to Disclosure of his or her Records

A claimant must consent to the disclosure of his or her records to a specific individual or entity by completing either the Form SSA-1696 (Claimant's Appointment of a Representative) or another acceptable form such as the Form SSA-3288 (Consent for Release of Information).

See GN 03305.001 for information on disclosure with consent, GN 03305.005 on who may consent to disclosure of records, and GN 03305.006 on who may not consent to disclosure of records.

A. Entity defined

An entity is any business, firm, or other association, including but not limited to partnerships, corporations, for-profit organizations, and not-for-profit organizations. See GN 03305.015 for information on disclosure to legal aid groups and private law firms.

B. Claimant's consent to disclosure does not authorize the individual or entity to act on the claimant's behalf

A claimant’s consent for SSA to disclose his or her records to an individual or entity does not authorize that individual or entity to act on the claimant’s behalf as his or her appointed representative. See GN 03910.020 for information on qualifications for and recognition of representatives and GN 03910.025 for information on authority of representatives.

NOTE: If a claimant wants more than general assistance on his or her pending claim from an individual, the claimant must appoint that individual as his or her representative as explained in GN 03910.040. However, if the claimant attempts to appoint an entity as his or her representative, SSA will not recognize the entity as the claimant's appointed representative and will follow the instructions in GN 03910.040B.6.

C. Further disclosure by an appointed representative or entity is generally not permitted

An appointed representative (including his or her designated associate) or entity should not disclose the claimant's information further without prior written consent from the claimant. See GN 03910.025B.2 for information on disclosure of records.

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