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DI 32010.001 General – Continuing Disability Review (CDR) – Routing Instructions

A. Introduction

This subchapter contains Disability Determination Services (DDS) routing instructions for initial CDR cases, reconsideration CDR cases and reopened CDR cases. See DI 81020.250B for electronic (eCDR) routing.

B. Policy

1. PC7 or PC1-6 (DPB) jurisdiction

Jurisdiction is determined based on age and/or status of Number Holder (NH). Routing is determined by whether or not an action is required:

  • NH alive and under age 54 - PC7;

  • NH deceased or alive and age 54 or older - Disability Processing Branch (DPB) in Program Service Center (PSC) servicing Social Security Number (SSN) of NH. See DI 32005.015 for breakdown of this distribution.

    NOTE: For PSC 1-6 contact information. For PC 7, the following contact information applies:

  • ODO1D: (410) 965.0290 – (410) 966.9886 for Social Security Number (SSN) range 001-00-0000 to 374-52-9999;

  • ODO2D: (410) 966.8445 – (410) 966.7982 for SSN range 374-53-0000 to 773-99-9999.

2. PC8 jurisdiction

Any case in which a beneficiary is residing outside the United States or benefits are being paid based on totalized earnings.

NOTE: For PC8 contact information, call the number shown at the detailed office/organization resource system (DOORS) site code V22.

3. Concurrent cases

When both claims have the same destination, the folders are kept together. If split, they are cross-referred to each other. If a Form SSA-4387 (SSI Folder Return) flag is on top of the folder, DO NOT REMOVE. If another flag or form must be placed on top of the folder (e.g., SSA-408 (Route Slip)), attach the additional flag or form on top of the SSA-4387.

4. Quality Assurance (QA) review cases

All cases selected for QA review are routed to Disability Quality Branch (DQB). If a case is selected for review, prepare an undated notice and/or personalized explanation, fold it for mailing, place it under the flap of the appropriate envelope, and clip it inside the right hand side of the folder for release by the reviewing component. (See Preeffectuation Review (PER) and Quality Assurance (QA) Sample Cases – CDR Cases (DI 28095.015).)

Electronic versions of the undated notice/explanation should be uploaded to the Electronic Folder (EF) and stored in the appropriate section (printed copies of the undated notice/explanation should also be filed in the Modular Disability Folder (MDF)). (See DI 81020.000 DDS Procedures – Electronic Process.)

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